Survival Workshop 1 Dec

Our next workshop is taking place on 1 Dec 2017. We meet at 5.30 pm at  Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Mikszáth tér 1., room 311.

– welcoming our new members
– presentations on all topics academic and non-academic. As early career researchers we follow various strategies to survive: we work for multinational companies, teach at language schools, volunteer at various institutions, translate, and occasionally do some research. This workshop is designed to offer a platform where we talk about everything and anything that a PhD student or PhD candidate does to make a living in Hungary PLUS research topics.

Detailed program:
Part 1: New members
10 minutes + discussion
Anna Bíró-Pentaller: “Zadie Smith: Postmodernism and Beyond”
Yuliia Terentieva: TBD

Part 2: Survival Workshop
10 minutes at most
Dóra Vecsernyés: Being a Technical Writer
Kata Gyuris: Reworking Historical Traumas in Contemporary South African Fiction
Ágnes Harasztos: Four Kids and Writing Your Dissertation. Extra: East-Central Europe and the British Novel
Péter Makai: Dirty Papers Done Dirt Cheap, or How to Cannibalise Your Own Work
Noémi Albert: on a research trip to Vienna
Eszter Szép: TBD — something on comics 🙂
Lilla Farmasi: Doing interdisciplinary research – Can you control it, and if yes, how uncomfortable should you let it grow? (narratology, linguistics, psychology)
Melinda Dabis: Contrasting a scholar’s and a translator’s attitude to text



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