Narratives in International Relations (workshop)

Yesterday (27 Oct) we had a workshop with guest speaker Yoav Galai from CEU. Yoav was speaking about the use of narratives in international relations. This is an unusual approach in his field, and it was interesting for us (mainly literary scholars) to see how the study of narratives can be used in the field of politics. Yoav was talking about a case study, redeeming land from the Beduins in the Negev in Israel and planting it with trees; and showed how the narratives around this activity change and incorporate various narrative schematas of redemption from openly nationalistic agendas to environmentalism and to international politics. Yoav’s article is available here: “Narratives of Redemption: The International Meaning of Afforestation in the Israeli Negev” (International Political Sociology is an open access journal.)





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